Choshonaba here. That’s not actually my real name, but it’s close enough if you say it fast. Call me Chosho. I’m a tiny person from a small town on a (maybe not so) big island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

This blog, which I started in high school, started off as a place to vent pent-up stress, then through the years evolved into a personal adventure log and book blog, I suppose. Who knows what it will turn into next.

I focus a lot on Japanese language, as it is the source of most of my passion and is my biggest skill, but I also like to occasionally stray off the path to explore other things that catch my interest on a whim, like humor, flowers, sports, and what not.

I am currently a teacher, student, playmate, boxer, goalkeeper, calligrapher, learner, explorer, reader, writer, puppetmaker, animal-lover, air-breather, water and tea-drinker, fruit-lover, omnivore (minus wasabi), cook, procrastinator, sleeper, traveler, translator, interpreter, and of course, blogger.

One character from a book I relate to is…
Tacky the Penquin.
Tacky was an odd bird.

I write this blog mostly for my own reference and for my family, but if it tickles your fancy, feel free to poke around a bit in the thoughts and memories I record here. 🙂



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